Sami Law Associates

Office No.4, 1st Floor, Legal Arcade, Lawyers Lane, 5- Mozang Road, Lahore     Phone No 0092-42-37224532 Mobile 03227224532                                                                                                               

 Sami Law Associates is a practicing law firm with multiple areas of expertise and particular emphases, strengths and specialist capabilities in a number of legal sectors. The Firm’s combination of expertise, skill, experience and professionalism to deliver high-quality legal services, which marks it out as one of the foremost emerging law firms and is an energetic and progressive law firm looking optimistically towards the future and at the cutting edge of legal developments and the legal profession. 

Sami Law Associates is one of the best law firms' in Lahore Deal in  Banking, Civil, Criminal, RevenueRent, Family, PESSI, EOBI, Labour and Writ etc.

 our team of  Lawyers to offer consistently high standards of client service.


Haseeb Ullah Khan     M.Sc, LL.B, DLL, DIPL 

                           Advocate High Court

Life Member "Lahore High Court Bar Association"

Life Member "Lahore Tax Bar Association"

Life Member "Lahore Bar Association"

Chairman (2011 -12, 2013-14)
Legal Ethics Education Committee ,

Lahore High Court Bar Association .

Chairman (2010 -2011).

Lawyers Welfare Committee, Lahore High Court Bar Association

Vice Chairman (2010 -2012)

Tourism Club , Lahore High Court Bar Association .


Rafia Manzoor

Advocate High Court

Member "Lahore High Court Bar Association"

Member "Lahore Bar Association"

Athar Mansoor Butt

Advocate High Court

Member "Lahore High Court Bar Association"

Member "Lahore Bar Association"

Sobya Sarfraz

Advocate High Court

Member "Lahore High Court Bar Association"

Member "Lahore Bar Association"




The Firm makes high-quality legal services available to clients efficiently, promptly and economically. Firm office is situated in the heart of the City and the legal district,  contentious and non-contentious – combining international standards with local knowledge. The Firm handles both transactional and litigation matters. In fact, the Firm encourages its lawyers to be well-versed in both types of law practice since most legal problems are best addressed by lawyers who understand both the transactional and litigation aspects of every legal issue. Being able to approach a problem from all angles and by delivering incisive advice is another way in which the Firm is able to provide superior, cost-effective legal services for its clients.

The Firm’s combined professional experience and expertise encompass a wide-range of tasks, which enables it to effectively undertake complex matters and address critical legal issues, including legal research, legal advice and consultancy, formulation of legal opinions and strategies, conducting negotiations, drafting legal documents, legal representation and dispute resolution (litigation, arbitration and mediation).

On the litigation side, the Firm conducts cases at all levels, from the lower courts at the District level up to the Provincial High Courts as well as special courts, tribunals and arbitrators. .

advises and represents a wide spectrum of clients that include individuals, organizations, industrial and commercial enterprises and financial institutions — public and private, domestic and foreign — ranging in size and complexity of operations from small, single-location, single-business sole proprietors, small and medium enterprises, to large, diverse national and multinational corporations and international institutions. They include some of the largest and most successful private and public limited companies, corporate groups, multinational corporations, financial institutions and international institutions operating in Pakistan and abroad as well as statutory bodies, governmental agencies, regulatory authorities and non-governmental organizations including associations, trusts, societies, foundations and charitable organizations.